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What Does Amomaxia Mean in Dogging?

February 8th, 2011

Amomaxia is something that has to take place whenever dogging is involved. You will find that this is something that the couple will be taking part in. This particular fetish is something that is popular not only on the dogging scene. People of all walks of life will at some point in their life participate in the act of amomaxia. It all basically comes down to whether or not you want an audience while you do it.


Basically, amomaxia is the act of having sex while in a parked car. This is something that is extremely common in dogging. Whenever you go dogging you will either be the couple in the car that is having sex or somebody in the audience watching the couple have sex. You should be aware that dogging does not always involve a car. Some couples prefer to be out in the open so that their audience can be more hands on and be able to see them a lot more clearly. However, when amomaxia is involved, there will be a car.


Many people enjoy amomaxia because it is fun and sexy to have sex in a car. It will often bring people back to their younger years when they were teenagers and having sex. You will find that it is usually not very comfortable but that can only add to the fun. Many people love being able to have sex other places than the bedroom and the car can add a level of danger to it because you are a lot more likely to get caught.