Dogging Areas Near You Tonight

May 16th, 2011

If you are interested in finding dogging areas near you tonight you will find that there are a lot of places to look. Doggers usually have a lot of different locations that they will have picked out for when they want to go out. You will just need to make sure that you know how to find these places and how to know if they are being occupied.

Car Park

Car parks are very popular among doggers. You will be able to more than likely find plenty of doggers in the area if you go to a car park that has not already been closed down. A lot of car parks are under surveillance because they are such a popular place among doggers. Just make sure that you know which ones are still in use.


Doggers will often go out into the woods. This is because it is out of the way and they are not going to have to worry about passers by. Many times doggers will try to pick a spot in the woods that is cleared out and is not very difficult to get to. It may be too difficult to find these doggers unless they make a conscious effort to stay in sight.

Secluded Areas

Basically, any area that is out of the way but still semi easy to get to is a place where doggers can be found. They will usually be in their vehicles so it will need to be a spot where a car can be and where people can stand around and watch easily.

Where to Find Gay Dogging and Gay Contacts

April 30th, 2011

When you are looking to find gay dogging and gay contacts there are a lot of different ways that you can go about it. You will find that gay dogging is as popular as straight dogging so you will just need to make sure that you understand how you can go about finding them. Going to a dogging site for doggers that are not of the same sexual orientation as you can be awkward and not a lot of fun for you.


The best place for you to find gay dogging sites and contacts is to go online. It is here that you will be able to find message forums where gay doggers will let it be known where they plan on being that night. They may also be looking for partners that they can dog with or people that just want to watch them and their partner. You will need to make sure that you look at forums that are recently updated and not assume that one place is going to be the same place every night.

Swinging Sites

There is plenty of swinging sites where you will be able to find doggers that are looking for people that they can dog with, many are tagetted by Country, for example this swingers site has plenty of dogging locations, information and gay contacts. A lot of doggers are single and want to find a partner that is willing to have sex with them while others watch. It is at these sites that you will be able to find these people and meet up with them.

How to Learn about Dogging in the UK

March 30th, 2011

There are a lot of different ways that you will be able to learn about dogging in the UK. You will find that a lot of people will be able to learn about it through word of mouth. Others may need to go out in search for it. No matter how you go about learning about dogging in the UK you will find that it is something that is pretty easy to do.


A lot of people will simply go onto dogging forums online, many swingers sites have comprehensive lists of dogging locations and information, so are a great place to start. It is here that they will be able to get upcoming evenings. It is important that the forums that you read are recently updated ones. Dogging locations change frequently so it is common for them to not be there for long.

Where to Look

Usually, you will be able to find doggers at car parks and in other secluded areas. Doggers prefer to be in places that are out of the way where they will not have to worry about passersby seeing them. They will also want for the area to not be too hard to find as this can make it difficult for them to be found by other doggers.

What to Look For

A lot of doggers will put stuffed dogs on their dashboards so that you will know. They will also be at the previously mentioned areas in the middle of the night. Look for them to have the light on in their car as well. Just make sure that they have the light on because they want you to watch and not because they are looking for something.

What Does Amomaxia Mean in Dogging?

February 8th, 2011

Amomaxia is something that has to take place whenever dogging is involved. You will find that this is something that the couple will be taking part in. This particular fetish is something that is popular not only on the dogging scene. People of all walks of life will at some point in their life participate in the act of amomaxia. It all basically comes down to whether or not you want an audience while you do it.


Basically, amomaxia is the act of having sex while in a parked car. This is something that is extremely common in dogging. Whenever you go dogging you will either be the couple in the car that is having sex or somebody in the audience watching the couple have sex. You should be aware that dogging does not always involve a car. Some couples prefer to be out in the open so that their audience can be more hands on and be able to see them a lot more clearly. However, when amomaxia is involved, there will be a car.


Many people enjoy amomaxia because it is fun and sexy to have sex in a car. It will often bring people back to their younger years when they were teenagers and having sex. You will find that it is usually not very comfortable but that can only add to the fun. Many people love being able to have sex other places than the bedroom and the car can add a level of danger to it because you are a lot more likely to get caught.

What Does Carping Mean in Dogging?

January 18th, 2011

Whenever you are dogging there are a lot of things that you can do to make it even more sexy and fun. Many people prefer carping as an extra activity that they will be able to take part in whenever they are piking during dogging. You will find that carping can add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the entire experience.


Carping is when you call somebody on the phone while you are in the audience of a couple that is dogging. You will need to make sure that you are able to keep a distance from the other people that are piking as they may not be able to appreciate carping while they are in the act of piking. Just make sure that you do not upset anybody else that is there whenever you are carping. Some doggers may have a no carping rule.


This can be a lot of fun as you will be letting other people in on the act. You can let them know what is going on or you can choose to try to hide the information. You will find that it is fun for both parties whenever you are able to keep them in the loop of what is happening. A lot of people will really get into carping with you and will enjoy it more than going out and dogging. This may also work for the people that enjoy going out and dogging but cannot make it out that night.

Outdoor Sex Dogging Sites

December 20th, 2010

There are a lot of outdoor sex dogging sites that you are going to be able to find. You will need to make sure that the place that you pick is one that is out of the way and also will be able to allow for people to find easily. This is why it can be difficult at first to find places that will be good for dogging.


Doggers will often enjoy going out into the woods whenever they are dogging. This will allow for them to be able to get the privacy that they need. The biggest issue that you will run into with the woods is being able to make sure that you clean up after yourself and everybody else does too. You can quickly get found out if you leave the woods covered in condom wrappers and lube.


A lot of doggers prefer to go to a park whenever they want to go out. You will find that this is a great place after hours because there will very rarely be people that are out and about at the parks. You will also get to have plenty of space to do your business while others are nearby watching.

Car Park

Car parks are also very popular areas. This is because it is not out of place for one to see a vehicle late at night and they are usually very easy for people to be able to find. You will just need to be careful as this is usually the first place police will look when they are searching for doggers.